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Tree Trimming & Pruning

All landscaping trees require life-support for the entirety of their lives. They get that life support from humans. 1F Services' custom pruning removes erratic growth and defects by promoting a single, dominant central trunk to the top of the tree with smaller, evenly spaced branches throughout the crown. We meet or exceed all of the International Society of Arboriculture Pruning Best Management Practices in every job we do.

Whether we are standing on ladders, hanging from ropes, or floating 87-feet in the air in our Spider Lift, we'll give your trees the love and attention they deserve.

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Spider Lift doing tree pruning trimming in Olathe, CO
Spider Lift performing tree services Montrose, CO
Arborist tree pruning trimming Montrose, CO
Tree pruning Montrose, CO 1F Tree Service
1F Services tree services Montrose, CO
Pruned tree tree services Montrose, CO
Spider Lift Arborist tree pruning Montrose, CO
Spider Lift tree pruning trimming Olathe, CO
Spider Lift tree pruning trimming Montrose, CO

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