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Tree Removal

No matter how big or small, 1F Services has the expertise, tools and manpower to remove any size tree in order to keep your property safe and looking great. For small trees, we can utilize ladders and climbing gear, and for those really big trees we own a Spider Lift, which has a max height of 87 feet. We have the equipment and experience to get the job done as quickly and as safely as possible. 


Once the tree is cut down, we own a very large and powerful Chipper, which allows us to chip logs up to 18" in diameter. It makes for quick work, allowing us to keep our labor costs to a minimum. When the job is done, we clean-up the area leaving your property looking better than when we arrived. We haul away the mulch, leaving no trace of our work.

There are many common reasons you may need to remove a tree. 

       1. The tree is dying or already dead.

       2. Safety: leaning trees can be extremely dangerous to both people and property.

       3. To make room for a property renovation or landscaping project.

       4. Storm Damage: trees get severely damaged or toppled by mother nature all the time.

       5. Trash trees are those that require constant pruning and upkeep and can spread uncontrollably. 

No matter the reason, 1F Services has got you covered. Call or email today for a free estimate.

1F Services is licensed and fully insured.

Spider Lift doing tree pruning trimming Olathe, CO
Arborist performing tree removal 90 foot tree Ridgway, CO
Spider Lift performing tree removal Ridgway, CO
Arborist climbing a tree during tree services Montrose, CO
Spider Lift performing tree removal services Ridgway, CO
Arborist removing a tree Montrose, CO
Arborist removing a tree Montrose, CO
Spider Lift performing tree pruning trimming Montrose, CO
1F Services using Spider Lift during tree removal Ridgway, CO

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